Thursday, February 26, 2004

We will get along fine, as soon as you realize I am God.

Still recovering from the Great Brain Fart Blizzard of 2004. And yes we are still under a few feet of snow and we are running out of places to put it.

Ok, begin rant.

Subtitled: Who teaches these people how to drive?

Men, they are fine with traffic signals, equally competent with the concept of four way stop, but knock out the traffic light and they lose brain cells right along with it.

To the idiot across from me at the broken traffic light: Flashing red lights do not mean that we need you to be the fucking traffic cop. We totally understand the concept of the four way stop. (which comes into effect when the traffic light is busted) But apparently you did not get the memo.

I know it is a radical concept, but here goes. You take turns. As soon as the person on my left goes his way, it then becomes my turn.

DO NOT WAVE ME THROUGH! There are other male of the species involved in this complicated manoeuvre, you will only confuse them.


End rant

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