Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Long way home.

"I would like to know exactly what is the problem with putting my money back in the account?"

"There's no problem, if it isn't there in a couple of hours, call back."

"Well it has been a week. Can you tell me what is involved, maybe I just don't understand the process. I mean, do you have to walk it from Toronto to Halifax? Do you have to count it out in pennies first, roll it out, then walk it from Toronto to Halifax? Cuz if that is the case, I totally understand the hold up. That's like 1800 kilometers, and on foot that could take a while."

So, I am trying not to piss this guy off. No, really, I am. But I am losing patience. I am just coming up on the two hour mark and I am getting very pissed off.

Does it show?

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