Thursday, February 5, 2004

Do not get between me and Tim!

I get up today and go for my morning coffee. I am a bear until I get it. Of course I don�t wait for the car to warm up. That would take precious time in which I could be already drinking my coffee. (Stay with me here.) I get to Tim Horton�s and am next to get to the drive-thru speaker, there is a line of cars behind me. I am sitting there, waiting impatiently, when I hear the sound of a car trying to start. Common enough at this time of year, in this part of the world.

I remember thinking, �sucks to be them�. I am still thinking this 5 minutes later when I realize the sound is coming from the truck in front of me. SHIT!

So, do I sit there in my now warm car and stew? Honk my horn? Shout obscenities? No, I get out of my car and walk up to the window of the truck. The woman inside is mortified. �I am so embarrassed�, she says.

�No worries, just put 'er in neutral, I�ll push you out of the way.�

I will what? Did that come out of my mouth? I didn't even stop to consider if I was physically able to push this half ton truck through the snow on a flat surface. Too late for thinking, I get behind the truck and start to push, this could get ridiculous real fast, especially with an audience. I have her pushed almost all the way when an old guy joins me. (a little late, and pretty much useless, the man was 80 if he was a day).

As I push her into the parking lot, the girls who are working the window are hanging out of it yelling, �Never send a man to do a woman�s job!� I guess they noticed the 5 or 6 strapping young men who did not get out of their cars to help.

I run back to my car thinking I might have to give the old guy CPR, he was breathing pretty hard. I get to the window and the girl says, �Its on the house, sweetie. God bless ya for helping that lady.� Sweet!

As I am driving away, I start to laugh. You see, I hadn't really thought of it as charitable. That truck was between me and my caffine. It could have been a semi and I would have pushed it uphill in a snowstorm for my morning coffee.

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Anonymous said...

I never knew you had it in you , but i'll file it away for future referance!!!!