Friday, April 11, 2003

We have reached the half way mark.

Well it�s half way through my training and it seems to be going well. We were tested today and I got a 97, so I guess I am at least retaining some of the masses of information they are feeding us. After the test we sat with an employee and basically watched them work all afternoon, which was interesting.

After three months off work the only thing that is a bit much to get used to is the early mornings. The good news is that once I am through with the training, I will be on 5pm to 1am shift and that shouldn�t fuck up my sleep patterns.

Also we have to decide what vacation time we want (we have 8 days we have to take between June and the end of the year) we submit our request and wait for approval. I told them that since I have been off since January, I really don�t care what days I get, so they will probably just give me whatever is left. Which is ok with me, a few days of here and there will suit me fine. Besides the request process is a bit confusing and could take numerous attempts to finalize your vacation time. After listening to him describe the process I just got a brain cramp. I will worry more about it for next year.

Tomorrow we start the second half of the training, which is (I believe) hands on with the computers. Should be interesting. Wish me luck.

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