Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Lovin' every minute at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�.

I am pretty sure I am starting to piss people off and they may corner me out in the parking lot and kick the crap out of me. Either that or they will soon instigate a random drug testing program at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�.

I absolutely love my job. And I tell people all the time.

THEM: �So, how�s it going so far?�

ME: �I love it, I am havin� a ball!�

THEM: �Oh, just wait till you get some guy that is screamin in your ear and calling you a bitch.�

ME: �Oh, I like them the best. The dirtier they get the sweeter I am. And if they get really dirty, I just hook them�� know� accident.� {evil grin}

People give me that �are you fucking on something� look, and I just laugh my fool head off.

I guess they just have to realize where I am coming from. My last job was a nightmare every single day. I dreaded going to work. But now I am around friendly people, the pay is good and a monkey could do my job so it isn�t all that taxing. I have full (free) benefits, 10 days vacation a year and a pension plan.

I really can�t complain. And I don�t.

Tomorrow (well it�s today now) is my day off, and I will spend it at the mechanics trying to get my car fixed. Now THAT pisses me off. But that�s another story.

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