Saturday, April 12, 2003

Tales from the Gulag

My new job comes with a slight headache. You have a key card you have to swipe to get in and out. (I am not even going to tell you how bad the picture is on this thing�..I wear it backwards...nuf said)

Yesterday I was trapped inside for 10 minutes while trying to swipe out at the revolving door entrance. I would swipe the card, enter the chamber and try and push the door open. When it wouldn�t budge I would step out of the chamber and swipe again. After doing this a half a dozen times (finally) someone behind me informed me that the door was automatic, that if I just remained in the chamber (for like 4 beats) the door would move automatically.

WTF? Don�t you think that would be something that they would let you know before they set you loose on the place. I guess they assume that would be something everyone would know. I worked in a basement of a guys house for 7 years and couldn�t work the thermostat. I need instruction!

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