Thursday, April 17, 2003

On the payroll at Undisclosed Customer Service Center�

We got our schedules today. I will be working 5pm to 1am with Wednesdays and Saturdays off. All the people in our class are on the same schedules with different days off. Some of them were not happy with the ones they got, but I am fine with mine, considering we will have all of our days free if we need to get to the bank or whatnot.

Today was a nightmare, we had to �role play�. I am really great with the tools, but I absolutely suck out loud when it comes to knowing what to say and when to say it. Our instructor tells me I am doing fine, and it will all come together when I am out on the floor doing actual calls. I am not convinced.

Before the whole �role play� fiasco, we did call shadowing. Where we sit with a CSR and basically watch and listen. And if we were feeling lucky, we could use the tools while she spoke to the customer. The one I was assigned to was a complete moron. She didn�t use the tools in the way we were taught, so I was completely lost watching her.

When she didn�t know what to do (or couldn�t be bothered) she would just (in her words) make shit up. It was a complete waste of my time, she was no help whatsoever. She spent most of her time instant messaging her friends and checking her email.

Then she turns to me and says, �Do you want to do this (indicating the computer) while I talk?�

�Do what? I have no fucking idea what the hell you are doing.�

She laughs and says �Oh, I don�t do it the right way, but it mostly gets done.�

I am sure the people who call in appreciate her complete lack of competence , when they have to call back because she has directed them to the wrong techie in Butt Fuck Nowhere.

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