Saturday, September 6, 2008

You can't un-shoot that gun.

Long story short. Chick writes a bit of music in 1968 while working at an ad firm. Its for Hockey Night in Canada. The CBC liked it so much they kept it. Making this chick a lot of money. Part of the 'agreement' was that they can play it only in Canada. (She could sell the rights to other 3rd parties at will.)

For those of you (Yanks) who don't know it.

Apparently the CBC broadcast a game in the UK and 'allowed' the theme to be played. Now this chick got her knickers in an uproar and she sues the CBC.

Well the chick totally shot the golden goose on this one. Her gripe was that she was the only one that could make money off it outside of Canada. Well, since the CBC won't be using it any longer, no one else is going to want it either. It sort of goes hand in hand. People want the anthem of Hockey Night in Canada, and now it's not.

She jumped into the same boat as the 'Happy Birthday' Lady. Pretty soon, no one will remember that little ditty either.

So basically the CBC said, "Fuck you!" and decided to just change the theme. And now we have this. The Hockey Anthem Challenge. A competition to come up with a new anthem.
"Now Canada will decide which anthem will open CBC's Hockey Night in Canada during the 2008 / 2009 season (and perhaps beyond)."

This submission is composed by a friend of mine, Scott DeCoste. Please sign in and vote.

It will be weird not to hear that song on the show, it has been like a second national anthem here in Canada for so long.

But I am proud of the CBC for not getting butt-fucked by that money grubbing bitch who has probably been living off that one composition for forty years.

Good luck with your retirement, Lady.

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Anonymous said...

Voting begins October 4th... just thought I'd let ya know