Friday, September 12, 2008

Who's bright idea was that?

Four seasons of Prison Break? You would think after the first season they would have stepped up security just a little.

The Boy's Father used to love Unsolved Mysteries. Why would I want to watch something for which I may never know the outcome?

24. Seven seasons. A week's worth of shit. I would rather watch paint dry.

America's Got Talent. More like watching Nascar, you're just waiting for a crash.

Speaking of auto racing. How dull. "Oooo, I wonder what he is going to do....oh yeah, he's turning left." That's some gripping shit right there.

I think I am ready for the fall season to start.....please God, make it stop.

1 comment:

Bryna said...

TOTALLY agree with you. I still don't get the 24 thing.

(I've been away and am just catching up...)