Monday, September 1, 2008

I can hide from the neighbors now.

I actually got some window coverings thanks to my sister. She was home for the weekend and thanks to Sunday shopping we actually had a lot of fun. I know, I said fun and shopping in the same sentence.

Sister was shopping like she was on fire. All that new moolah burning a hole in her pocket. She bought the shades and the rug and some moonlights for my walkway.

Was fun til it started to rain and we had a bit of a flash flood. Went up to see Mom and were confronted with this.

A flooded parking lot. Luckily we were driving the company's big-ass truck, so we had no worries.

Oh yes we did drive through that.

And another thing...

Picked this baby (microwave) up at the overstock store for twenty five bucks. It is just missing the handle.

Now if I had a port-a-potty in here I would never have to leave my room.


Yvette said...

Loving the blinds! They are the easiest things to setup... I have them in the kitchen and in Jenna's room... Didn't require any assistance to install those suckers!

kelly said...

like, oh my god! i so totally had fun shopping!
who the hell are you?! hehe
sweet blinds tho!

Evel said...

Maybe it was because I didn't have to actually 'pay' for any of it. LOL

Amanda said...

Nice blinds..i know i am kinda late! But you know my issue i keep loosing something important! lol
great deal on the microwave too! And now you can't say i am a "lurker"!!