Sunday, September 14, 2008

I would read the fine print, but then I would have to admit I needed glasses.

The Boy calls me, "Can you go online and see what's playing."

I start rhyming off movies, "Do they accept passes?"

That doesn't sound right. What exactly do they mean? Those tickets are paid for, just because I buy that shit ahead of time, I don't get to use them at this movie?

My employer is fixing to send me ten of those things. Even if they are free to me, someone is paying for them, this can't be right.

"They have been doing that forever, Mom."

"Not for long."

So I call the local theater. A teenager answers, "Hi, my name is Dean, how can I help you."

We get the pleasantries over with, "I just have a question. I am on the website and it says The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (No passes accepted). What exactly does that mean?"

"Oh yeah, we don't accept passes for those movies."

"So, your telling me that if I buy movie passes I can't use them to see whatever movie I want to? I didn't see that in any of your sales material. How's that marketing ploy working out for ya?"

"Well, you can still see the movie, just not use a pass."

"Does that sound logical to you? Do you tell people that before you sell these things, that yes you are paying full price for a movie, but only the ones we think we can't make money on any other way?"

After stuttering a bit, "Uh, just a sec." He yells for his manager.

Before she starts, "I know this has to be a misunderstanding. Even if I get these passes free as a gift or a reward at work, someone, somewhere is paying for it. Money has changed hands at some point. I think that my employer would love to know that the 'incentives' they are handing out are essentially worthless and perhaps they should change to Burger King gift certificates or something."

"Oh no. I apologize, it is a bit confusing. When we say 'no passes' we mean in the event that something went wrong during one of the movies, we give out free passes to another one. Those are the passes we mean."

"Well, that makes sense but do people know what you mean?"


"Because it isn't really clear on the website. Perhaps you should take steps to educate the public, starting with the kid that answered the phone."

I went on to ask her specifically what 'passes' were accepted. Air miles, movie money, night out for two, etc. She assures me that only the passes that are handed out by the theater, free for whatever reason, are the ones that are restricted. And that these are only restricted for the first ten days that a so-called 'blockbuster' is playing. These 'free' tickets will clearly state this restriction on them under the terms and conditions.

Now, here is the bigger question. How many of you thought that you couldn't use your prepaid gift card, or airmiles movie passes for these movies and went ahead and paid cash for admission?

I will give them the benefit of the doubt that it was not there intention to mislead the public. However, it is interesting that the kid that was answering the phones was under the same impression as my son.


Anonymous said...

um, We took our kids one time to see a new movie out, and they wouldnt let us use the passes they got for xmas from their grandmother! She paid full price for them, but since it said no passes, they wouldnt let us use them. Of course i complained, and the manager gave us free passes, which of course we couldnt use for a movie anyways that was a "blockbuster". I dont think we have gone back since!

Anonymous said...

I know i shouldn't assume but I always through that "no passes" meant that I couldn't use my air miles things, etc... Thanks for clearing that up. We certainly aren't the only ones thinking this that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

yeah obviously not everyone knows the rules over there...jeez louise!

That girl said...

I agree with the first comment, I too, was told 'no passes' could be used at certain movies.

The 'kid' who was in the ticket line confirmed that.

I will be sure to speak to a manager next time i'm in and see what their respon se is.

Thanks for being such a stubborn pain in the ass to everyone else, because of course, we just benefitted for it :-)