Saturday, March 1, 2008

My name is Evel, and I am an addict.


Why am I addicted to those home buying shows? Not the home reno shows, the ones where someone is looking to buy a house.

I started off watching decorating shows, then reno shows, then moved on to house flipping shows, now it seems like all I ever watch is Sell This House or Location, Location, Location.

I have no interest in buying a house in Spain so what is up with that?

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Virginia Belle said...

i love the same shows! i go through phases where i get addicted to the "i want to buy a house"- type shows, and then i get hooked on the home decorating shows.

i'm currently addicted to Clean House. i have already bought a house, decorated it (mostly) and cleaned out all my junk. so...what gives???

maybe it's just a need we have as women??