Friday, March 7, 2008

How gullible can you be?

Don't answer that.

This commercial has irritated the hell out of me for a week.

Hello! I hate to state the obvious, but actual water has zero calories.


Ryan said...'re right...water has zero calories...but they aren't marketing "flavored water" they're marketing vitamin water. Those are energy drinks. Their point is that less calories is better, but you still want to have the vitamins...

That girl said...

i have never seen this commercial before. People on the west coast seem to be so 'pure' that they only would drink actual water when they excersise. It's the whole 'let's make our own granola' mentality.

I like to eat twinkies while I watch them.

Evel said...

Ya, and I am sure they are relying only on the water for their vitamin intake. Sure, I believe that.