Monday, March 3, 2008

Girl's gotta have it.

When I want something sweet, I will do anything to get it.

Last night we were in the midst of a storm, there was no way I was braving the elements to get a sugar fix.

What to do?

I am woman, right? I am so! Off I go into the cupboards to see if I can find my dog a bone.

But when I got know the rest.

I do have a few things, brown sugar, oatmeal, that sort of thing. There has got to be something I can make. Dig through the drawers and drag out the Joy of Cooking (yes I have one, its about 30 years old) there must be something in this huge book that I can make.

Nope, no cocoa or chocolate, scratch that.
Crap! No eggs.....shit, damn. Looks like I might just have to scarf down a spoonful of sugar to tame the craving.

Wait just a minute....I have meringue powder, that's made out of eggs right? Hell, it is eggs, sort of.

Ok, now we are cooking with gas. And it looks like I have peanut butter. I am good to go.

I probably should have made sure I had all the ingredients before I began, but I was jones'in for cookies, I can't really be held responsible for what transpired.

So, there I am, deep into the recipe, creaming the butter, brown sugar, white sugar, simulated eggs in the bowl. It all looks good. Something is missing, this is way too moist. there has to be dry ingredients. I have flour? Everyone has flour....Shit! I don't have flour.

Now what? Hmmmm, I am contemplating just eating this concoction with a spoon when I spy something in the back of the cupboard.

Pancake mix. God love Aunt Jamima, Its basically flour, right? How much different could it be? I am into it now, I have nothing to lose. Ignoring the boy's rolling eyes, I crack open the pancake mix and throw it in. While I am at it, I toss in some oatmeal.

Long, long, long story short, awesome cookies!

It's from the Martha Stewart cookbook, jail house edition.


Virginia Belle said...

Wow! That is awesome! i am very impressed at your creative baking skillz.

so, care to share the recipe??

Nadine said...

LOL .. you are tooooo funny