Thursday, March 20, 2008

First day of spring.


I wake up to drive The Boy to school, he is in the shower.

I open up messenger and see all the moms have similar tag lines.

"seriously NO school"

"Yay!! School's canceled... even longer weekend for the kids!!"
I think that one has just a touch of sarcasm attached to it.

I hate this sort of thing, you look out the window and its a perfectly normal day. No rain, no snow. No sun either, but hey, its Nova Scotia in March we don't expect much.

Back in the day we never got a day off of school on the off chance there could possibly be bad weather later on in the day. We only got dismissed from school when the snow was getting close to knee level (That's the bus drivers knees, not the kids) or the boiler stops working. That was it.

Back in the day the weather man didn't have the luxury of saying "...there is a 50% chance of rain...". He had to nail it down. Probability of precipitation, give me a break.

I remember getting off the bus and trudging through snow up to my hips to get into the house.

It makes no sense. We have better snow clearing equipment now then we did then. We have generators and snow blowers

How is it that we have gotten so soft?


kelly said...

my guess is that no school board wants to be held responsible for making the wrong call and having kids die on the way to or from school if the roads do indeed turn to shit...but i think if school is cancelled, work should be cancelled. those brats get too many days off! LOL

Anonymous said...

yeah i'ts better to err on the side of caution