Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who votes for these people?

Not me, I can tell you that. I was reading this article.

Flavoured smokes leave a bad taste for MLA

Retarded laws and bans annoy the shit out of me. This is our tax dollars at work. Children are homeless and starving, and this idiot is going after a product that is not even legal for a person under the age of 19 to buy.

I had a couple minutes so I thought I would comment briefly.

"Another pointless discussion. It's illegal to buy cigarettes when your 15, they won't even show grownups the cigarettes anymore. How exactly is it luring children into buying them? Someone is just looking for publicity to justify their existence in politics.

If you were truly serious, you would ban tobacco all together. Oh, wait. The government makes too much money off of it, doesn't it?"

Then some other idiot had to pipe in.

Steve writes: Evel, the government doesn't make money on the sale of cigarettes at all. In fact the cost of treating smoking related illness far exceed any tax money it receives from the sale of cigarettes.

Flavored cigarettes are targeted at children. Because they are flavored they may become cool among the younger crowd and become a fad.

So this guy is yet another who has been sucked in by the hype. I figured I would do a little digging and find out just how much tax is on a carton of cigarettes, since this retard thinks it isn't significant.

I found this information that says that in 2007 the tax on Cigarettes is 16.52¢ per cigarette, $33.04 per carton of 200.

Holy shit. If you consider that a carton of cigarettes would cost about eighty-five bucks,(if your lucky) almost 40 percent of that is tax! (I'm to pretty to do actual math, but you get the idea)I am thinking the government might just be making a couple of bucks.

Oh, but the government really doesn't care about the money. They are all about helping the children.

BULLSHIT! It's already illegal for kids to buy smokes. Hell, when you walk into a store, you have to ask if they even sell them. The cigarettes are hidden from you behind a wall. So, how exactly are these kids being advertised to?

Fuck off, Ms. MLA. Get off your fat ass and do some real work. Like filling the potholes or feeding some starving families.

And the mother? Why don't you find out what adult your child is hanging out with who is supplying her with these cigarettes? I would be more concerned with that than if they are puffing on some flavored smokes. What do you suppose that perv asked for in return? Did you even think of that?

Once again, these bans miss the mark. They are pointless and do not stop kids from smoking. All they do is piss off the adult smokers and appease the tree huggers.


Anonymous said... long as the TAX is on the product it will NOT be banned from use.

Look after your kids and STOP blaming everyone and everything for the problems! THEY ARE YOURS!

That girl said...

Hmmm...I must be old because I remember when I was a kid, you could buy chocolate cigarettes. I loved them.

And, I turned out a non-smoker.

Evel said...

I blame Oprah.