Monday, June 11, 2007

"Clarice, we cannot continue this call until you are wearing the tinfoil hat."

Fyr reminded me of a story.

I did not get this call but I was sitting near the person who did. A woman called in and she was frantic. She was convinced that Orange had implanted a microchip in her uterus.

How, you might ask? Well, she went to a prenatal site. Where you put in your info, due date that sort of thing. When she went back a week later, it showed a picture of her fetus and each subsequent week it would show it growing. She was freaked out. So she is now convinced that Orange has implanted her. "How else would they know?" She was frantic.

She could not be convinced otherwise. She spoke to three agents and finally asked for a manager. After the agent told the manager what she was dealing with he thought for second and replied to the agent, "Tell her its a hardware issue. She will have to call the manufacturer." I nearly died laughing.

This is not really a rare call, sometimes I am amazed that these people make it across the street safely.


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Are you FUCKING kidding me?

Quick. We gotta do something. That woman SHOULD not reproduce!

Oh lord.

Jessica said...


Headbangingly stupid at the time, but you can laugh at them forever!

Evel said...

It is too late, she is already reproducing.

kelly said...

lmfao i so remember that! people are nuts...

Cattiva said...

HAHAHA - reminds me of my years in tech support for a national ISP. Got a call once with a women who kept calling her mouse "the clicky thing." It took 10 minutes to figure out she was holding it ON THE MONITOR SCREEN and clicking. She couldn't figure out what the problem was. *sigh*

Nadine said...

"Step away from the computer"!

Virginia Belle said...

OMG. this blog and its comments crack me up.

i think i have heard everything now.

HOLY COW. hopefully, when her baby is born, she will return to full brain power. i think her little fetus is siphoning off about 75% of it.

Fyr said...

to be honest, i hope the fetus IS siphoning off her common sense ... it means (a) the baby has hope and (b) she might return to some semblance of sanity after the baby is born.

good grief - can people get much more stupid? ack.