Thursday, June 21, 2007

And I am a Mac.

Lets address the Mac superiority complex. I hear it all the time.

"Mac's don't get viruses."

True, but considering Apple sales typically represent less than 5 percent of the overall U.S. personal computer market what virus author is going to waste their time making a virus for the Mac OS?

"My Mac does not crash."

I believe you that the Mac OS is more stable, and it stands to reason. Most computer crashes occur because of a compatibility issue between hardware and software. Apple makes the operating system and the hardware it sits on, there is no issue. Whereas a PC might have a dozen different companies under the hood. I do not believe, however, that you never have a problem with the Mac.

"70.2 percent of Mac users online have a college degree."

Well they have to don't they? Mac's are expensive and you typically cannot upgrade them without selling your first born. For a couple hundred bucks I can be internet ready on a new PC.

"You guys suck, I am gonna buy a Mac!"

"Fill yer boots. You will still have to deal with Orange if you want decent software."

I love it when I have to tell the Apple users that Orange no longer supports LookOut Quick for the Mac. It was a free program for email, Orange gave it away to Mac users because Apple didn't make an email program. They have less than 40 software titles. Finally Orange got fed up and created En.tou.r.age. I hear the new Mac OS has a mail app included now, but they are still pissed that we don't give away shit for free anymore.

Not all Mac users are in love with the Mac experience.

If you can afford a Mac, give 'er. I might buy one myself if I win the lottery.


Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Oh you kill me. You're still at this. LOL. I HAVE GOT TO show jp your post today. Hahah.

By the way, I did a mini write up on my blog about your blog...I nominated you for the Rockin' Girl Award.



Fyr said...


oo .. ooo... *wipes tears from eyes* ooo that's a good one. that is a wonderful way to start the day - thanks evel.

i agree and disagree ... you see, i don't believe the mac is as crash-free as people say (of course, that could have something to do with losing mine within the first 3 days of having it - hard disk failure), but also i am techie and i know it is in the nature of programmers to f-up. =D they ain't perfect, and so their software is likely to be even less perfect than they are.

at the same time, where the mac interface does take a ton of getting used to, especially after being on a pc for all your computer-life, it gets easier as you go ... all you need (as with just about everything else in this life) is an open-mind and a willingness to take on change.

finally tho, i have to agree that you have to be a millionaire to afford a mac - the prices are literally disgusting. i was lucky to get my hands on a second-hand one, but i never saw myself ever buying a new one for 1-2grand US$. that's like taking an axe to my own neck.

for me, i would tell the average user to stick to the pc - it really isn't worth the frustration or the cost to switch. but if you're a techy-geek like myself, and hungry for new experiences to "brag" about, then get your hands on a second-hand one, especially if the initial owner is upgrading and not throwing out - if you know what i mean. *giggle*

Evel said...

Good for you, Fyr.

See if that had been a PC user who was upgrading, you might have only gotten his motherboard out of him.

Might look into this second hand Mac thing myself.

kelly said...

lolololol i love it

Anonymous said...

I prefer Macs. But I have to say that, because I had to not eat for three months to afford it.

- Texas T-bone