Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What the fuck?

They closed school yesterday. Understandable, there was a storm.

Take two! I wake up this morning, it is shittier than yesterday.

But guess what? The didn't cancel school. Who decides these things? The temperature is minus 17 (minus 24 with the wind chill) that's 1.4 Fahrenheit.

Sorry for the shitty pictures, but this is as close as I am getting to it. It is worse even than it looks.

How cold shitty is too shitty for school?

And another thing...

To the two guys from Iceland who are rolling their eyes at me.

I know, its cold where you are, but I hear its a dry cold.


Shelley said...

A "dry cold" ... bwahahahahaa

kelly said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, when it's -50 degrees celcius, it doesn't matter if it's a dry cold.

-Chick in Iqaluit, Nunavut