Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It will be hard to detox after being so drunk with power.

For the last couple of weeks I have had a pretty cushy job. Dispatch for one of the callback groups. Basically I harvest cases from a list, determine if they are handled by our group and if they are I schedule appointments.

The phone does not ring. I spend most of the day leaving voice mail for people who say they are going to be there and end up not.

I was having a ball with it, the guys in the group are a fun bunch. I had a lot of power. (Piss me off and I will schedule you to work with the crayon who wants to argue with you that ntldr is not part of the OS.) But of course I was a benevolent leader. They were just kidding when they put up on the pole mounted monitor "Deliver us from Evel!" They love me.

I figured I could sail this ship for a few months, you know, till I get bored (I bore easily) but it was not to be. I found out today that pretty much everyone (eventually) will be front line support for the new product launching next week.

SIGH! It was nice while it lasted.

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kelly said...

ahhh ha, back to work!