Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just for shits and giggles.

When I first posted (Inter)National De-Lurking Week, I started a counter. You see it on the right. As I write this it is showing 237 visitors in 28 countries. WOW! So my comment section should be bursting you say? You think? Not!

I got eleven comments. Eleven. ONE ONE. That's it.

Now, account for people who accidentally got to my site,(clicked the wrong link or something) or were searching for something weird. (like buddy from Saudi Arabia searching for 'evil tower' or another buddy from Finland, searching for 'Evel Porn', sorry buddy) So, if that constitutes (lets say) 50 of the lurkers. What's up with the rest of you?

On Radmila's site, a commenter revealed that the reason they rarely post is that they did so at one site and the next time they went back, the site was set as private, because "unwanted people were reading it and posting" . Who the hell puts comments on their site and then closes the site because people are posting? For that matter, who the hell puts up a site (on the INTERNET) if they don't want people to read it? Perplexing.

Anyway, that got me thinking. Why don't you comment? Let's hear from you, anonymously, of course. If you think I am being an asshole, say so, I can take it. Hell, sometimes I post that way just to see if I can get a rise out of ya. At this point, I would settle for a flame war. I have never had one and I am starting to feel put out.

And another thing...if you think this is just my online persona you are sadly mistaken. This is me, warts and all, online and off. I know for a fact there are plenty of people that would love to tell me off, if not to my face. If they had the slightest inkling that I had this forum they would be all up in my shit. If you only knew what a great opportunity you were missing out on.

The reason I include the comments is because I invite the interaction. What keeps you from posting or just saying 'Hi' even if I were to ask you to specifically to do so?

In the interest of scientific research, I beg of you, tell me why!


part-time thinker said...

I comment rarely, but I do comment here regularly. A lot of the blogs that I read have a clique of regular commenters stroking each other's egos and trading inside jokes so I feel disinvited to join in. On one blog, I would link if I could remember, I made what was hands down the most humorous of some very funny comments and was point blank ignored. Regular cohorts continued on as if I hadn't answered whatever it was and hadn't been brilliantly funny, which I had and it was.

The other blogs I never comment at are the super popular ones where 50 comments are up within five minutes of the post. I'm not going to bother reading what they've left so there is little point in leaving my two cents. Waiterrant springs to mind.

Oh, and if someone has already said the same basic comment I had to make I don't usually bother to say "me too".

Tabby said...

I am newbie in the blog world, I just started my own blog. I ran across your blog and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your posts! I laughed outloud! I plan to keep coming back to read what you have to say. I really enjoyed it!
Let me know what you think of mine, thanks!

katherine. said...

just saying hey...

Xolo said...

Thanks for the (de)lurking comment you left. I have been meaning on getting over here to say thanks, but things are busy right now and my computer is dying a slow and painful death...

I tend to comment when I have something to say, which isn't too often. Time is also a factor. These days I can't indulge my desire to say anything.

In any case, I will lurk some more around here, but I will say hi more often.

Laura said...

Hmm.. I have to be in a certain mood to comment. Also I don't always feel that I have something relevant to comment about. But I do check daily :)

Anonymous said...

I typically don't comment because I say inappropriate or offensive things. I have a particular knack for that. It's strange. I think it has something to do with sense of body language and sense of humor that can't be transmitted online

Evel said...

Good point, Part-Time. I think I am of the same mind as far as commenting goes.

Nice site, Tabby. You would have a field day with the boys father.

Hey, Katherine.

Xolo, remember, backup, backup, backup.

I understand, Laura, I am the same way, but it was really starting to weird me out when I found out there were so many people 'lurking' without saying anything. LOL

Oh, Scoop. Your playin' my song, sun. The only difference between you and me, is that I don't give a shit if ya get offended. LOL

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across you this morning and I might just keep coming back. . . will add you to my blog-links, if that's okay. . . you can find me at

Drop on by and say, "hi!"

Evel said...

The more the merrier, celebhith.


Wandering Dave said...

I don't think that I'm really lurking -- but then again...

I'm David and my interest is communication (mass media). I'm taking a year-long trip and testing the utility of seven media channels: blog; newspaper column; online forum; map room; photo gallery; podcasts; and radio.

If the idea of getting your message out there using more of these options, please take a look -- and leave a comment, if you aren't a lurker...

Anonymous said...

Well, in my defense I was being held against my will by a multinational corporation intent on lobotomising me with powerpoint slideshows.
But I escaped and return your happy de-lurking wishes, so counter = 12.

I try.