Saturday, November 25, 2006

Long may she reign.

We had our first really cold night last night here in Nova Scotia. It wasn't so much that it was colder but the winds were high, so it was coming in through every crack of this old house.

I came home from work last night and the boy was holed-up in his room, the rest of the house was freezing. It was the teeth-chattering, bone-chilling type of cold. The heat was on, but I had just one problem ... procrastination. (Procrastination is a country to which I am their Queen)

You see, no amount of heat blasting through the vents could compensate for the freezing winds coming from in and around (don't laugh) the air conditioner.

I know, your supposed to take those suckers out of the window for the winter but, as I stated earlier, I was busy with the duties of the Monarchy.

So now I am sitting in a walk-in freezer. What to do? I can't take it out of the window now, it's too cold. Mind you, had I decided to go this route, I would have been warm in under an hour. Fearing a coup d'├ętat from my loyal subjects, I soldier on.

I dig out an old electric blanket someone gave me years ago. (It was so much bigger when I wasn't such a fat chick.) More trouble than it was worth. I refuse to abdicate, on to plan B.

Back when I was living in the camper, I had a portable heater. I dig that out and sit for another hour at the computer with one side of my body freezing and the other getting a heat rash. Not good for the royal Christmas card photos.

Finally I crack. I grab my trusty staple gun (I love that thing) and dig out an area rug that I had bought for the bathroom. It was not pretty but ten seconds later the winter was blocked out. However, by that time I was exhausted and went to bed anyway.

So today, its beautiful outside. The question is: Will I take this opportunity to pack up the air conditioner?

Long live the Queen.


Nikki Neurotic said...

We still have our air cons in. But my dad's got a bad back so he's not been able to do his normal fatherly duty of making sure that the air cons were taken out. Luckily though, the cold weather has had a delayed response here in NJ.

Desiree said...

Oh my... I do hope that you take a day off of your reign as Queen and do take out that air conditioner or it shall be one freakin cold Canadian winter for you!

notfearingchange said...

I must confess...I live in an old style apartment. High base boards. High ceilings. But i dont pay heat. And in fact I spend most of the winter months with the windows open partially. I have left my air-con in. However, I know its best i take it out....but the screwdriver...when do you have time...that's what makes me procrastinate....
My advice:
Grab three espressos.
Go to the home hardware (or subsitute) get the plastic for the windows.
Grab another three espressos.
Take out the aircond.
Seal yourselves in with the window plastic....hellish yes...but decreases the heat bill!
Then when all is said and done at 6pm on a a bottle of wine...and get toasty!