Wednesday, November 8, 2006

A little something for the Grog-meister.

You know, so I can keep up with Homer.


kelly said...

ummm what? ... wonder if they have a "3 days later" video clip... lol

Evel said...

It's an inside joke.

Grog commented that if I only had a dancing Jesus my blog would be 'almost' as cluttered at Homer's.

I have no idea who Homer is.

Grog said...

Homer Simpson :P

Evel said...



It's not that I didn't get the joke.

It was that it just wasn't funny.

I get it now.

kelly said...

LMFAO yes i totally understand now

Radmila said...

check out the Jesus videos I posted today...if you don't laugh...I don't know what.