Sunday, July 23, 2006

Once again, our (meaning all us geeks of the world) fearless leader reveals all.

I was wondering why the boy thought the iRiver was so damn cool. It all becomes clear now, doesn't it?

"We've got a new portable music device that uses the Windows technology. This is the iriver H10. This will be about a $279 device, it's got a color screen for photos, it's got FM tuning, very simple little user interface, a very nice device there."--Remarks by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation, 2005 International Consumer Electronics

This man knows his gadgets. If Bill thinks it's 'a very nice device', you can't go wrong.

In the geek world, his word is the word of God. (FYI - if you want to hear the word of God, you have to scroll over about half way through the broadcast. There is some freaky cult muzac that plays for quite a while before you get to the actual broadcast.)

And another thing...

After watching that webcast I decide I want to see the most recent one. HOLY SUPER GEEK, BATMAN! You have to watch the presentation.

Bill was on fire! Especially when he shows you his 'day in the life'. It is off the hook!

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