Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bears repeating.

Trying desperately to find something worth watching on the boob tube I realize that every second and third commercial is about weight loss.

Pills that make you sweat, various torture devices for exercise with and without effort. This book, that book, hypnosis, palates, colonics, no carbs, protein power. The list goes on and on.

I'm sorry, but have people really failed to figure this out?

I have common sense, I know what I should be eating. I know that proper diet and exercise is the way to do it. BUT. I, like most, have no will power. I feel your pain, I really do.

If you can't rely on your own common sense, and have no will power like me. There is only one answer. I know I have mentioned this before but apparently people have not gotten the message.

Weight Watchers.

Don't laugh, people. Weight Watchers is the only program that works. And it is for one reason and one reason only.

It's not the cards, or the menu, or the counting of points. They change their program every other year. It ain't even Fergie.

The only thing that keeps you from wolfing down that extra large pizza solo, is the thought of that lady. You know the one. The old broad, the weight watchers lifer. You step on the scale and she gives you this pitiful look and says, "Oh dear, you gained a pound."

That chick is your will power. And she is stronger than you will ever be. You might think a month down the road that you don't need her. You have all the books, the calculator, the matching bag and daytimer. You don't need to pay this bitch to weigh you every week. But you are wrong, dead wrong.

The second you cut her loose, you are toast. She is what is keeping you from sitting down on the couch and polishing off 3 tubs of Haagen Dazs.

Weight Watchers is forever baby, deal with it.

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Nadine said...

YOU are sooooo right.. WILL POWER in what ever form .. it the KEY.

The will power to choose:
1) eat the bag of chips and Pepsi
2) go for a walk

.. and the WINNER is...

thats the problem!