Sunday, March 5, 2006

And the Oscar goes to...

Who the fuck cares.

Is anyone watching this? I am not quite through it yet. But I had more fun watching paint dry.

Basically it's video montages (preambled by speeches about how these movies absolutely must be seen on the 'big screen')no dig at the downloading community at all there. These riveting montages are interspersed with awards being given to people who no one knows for movies that no one has seen.

There were surprises. After all, with all the hoopla about the gay cowboy movie, we all figured they would bring it all home. But when Clooney got the first Oscar I thought "wow, this could be a good show". I was wrong. They faked me out by giving out the best actress oscar early.

Those Bastards!

Even the dead people montage was a yawner. Anyone recognize any name besides Richard Pryor? Hell I thought most of those people were already dead.

I was looking forward to the part where they have the original artists performing the best song nominees. I missed the chick from the song from the Crash. Never saw that one either. And the one from Hustle and Flow, well, I thought that was a joke. I think even Dolly was embarrassed by the song she sang, not one of her better ones. But when 'its hard out there for a pimp' won, I stopped paying attention.

Only funny part in the whole thing was when John Stewart looked at the camera incredulously and said, "In case your not keeping score. Martin Scorsese, zero oscars. Three 6 Mafia? One." Then even he couldn't supress a giggle. What the hell is up with that?

This year the pickin's were mighty slim. I never heard of half the movies and the ones I did hear of, I never wanted to see before and now I know I will never see them.

I can't even string a sentence together properly. This broadcast has sucked the intelligence out of me. This is truly 3 hours I will never get back.

And another thing...

Did I say three hours? Fuck, I am still suffering. But its like you can't take your eyes off it, you keep expecting it to get better. I am still waiting.

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Nadine said...

I missed them.. I had a couple of events.. and didn't get home in time to see anything.. I guess i didn't miss much.. eh.