Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Have you beat your hacker today?

This made life a living hell tonight at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�

CNN.com - Internet infection spreads rapidly - Aug. 11, 2003

I don�t know where CNN gets its info but a better source is HERE

At one point the techs had 950 people waiting on hold, and we had 450 on hold just to get to customer service. If you get kicked off the internet and a message appears about �nt authority\system� �remote procedure call� and keeps rebooting your system. Well that means you are hit.

The good news is it is most likely not infecting your system but rather the server of your ISP. Therefore if you disconnect physically from the internet you can use your computer. The bad news is there isn�t a fix yet. The virus seems to be mutating, so when they think they have it licked it changes.

Short term solution - lay off the porn for a night or two until there is a permanent fix (you might try going outside, you know, the place with the trees?). Long term - find a hacker and beat the shit out of him.

If we all pitch in, we can lick this thing. It takes a village.

UPDATE: For all you loyal followers.

Here is the patch for the aforementioned virus. It is only for XP.

Pick #1 and open it.

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