Sunday, August 3, 2003

A cure for what ails ya.

Went to a wedding today and of course after 30 days of dry hot weather it poured during the whole ceremony. Did I mention it was an outdoor wedding?

I was video taping for the mother of the bride. I had told her I would need the camcorder about a week before the wedding to familiarize myself with it. I also told her I wanted to attend the rehearsal so I would know where everyone was going to come from and stand so I could position myself properly. No, I don�t do it professionally but I am totally anal about stuff like that, if I am going to do something it has to be well done. Which is why now more people ask me to do it for them. Well after this one, I doubt anyone will give me a second thought. Last night my son messages me at work .

�Aunt Adele is dropping off the camera tonight, the wedding is tomorrow at 3.�

WHAT? Fuck me gently. I could have killed my sister.

The wedding was fine, but a lot of the video was interrupted by people walking in front of me. Fuck, people are stunned sometimes. I had one guy walk over and stand right in front of me. WTF? It was disorganized but I think it can be edited. I almost left without getting one shot of the string quartet that was playing.

But I didn�t leave that place without a shot of this:

(For those who don't know......thats a freakin' Ferrari!)

Hey, I have my priorities straight.

So, we skipped out before the dance (but not before stuffing our faces) and went home. I, of course, sat down to my ritual of painting my nails. I was feeling a little goofy at the time.

When your in a bad mood, googly eyes always cheer you up.

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