Thursday, June 5, 2003

They grow 'em thick south of our border.

I spent 10 minutes last night trying to convince some nut bar not to delete files from the operating system directory.

She didn�t have a problem with her computer, she just wanted to free up some disk space and since the computers operating system was taking up a lot of space, she figured she would start there. Then she thought that since there were so many programs in that directory that some of them must be viruses.

I won�t even post the actual conversation I had with this crayon, but she has an antivirus program and she wasn�t having any problem with her computer and she wanted to pay to speak to someone in tech support. She had me speechless at one point. I had no idea why she was calling me.

Finally I said, �Donna, if it ain�t broke, don�t fix it.�

NO CHAWGE! -- click--

Then I get this guy who was actually having a serious problem.

�As a customer service representative, Arthur, I will be working with you to see how the Undisclosed Customer Service Center� can best assist you. May I have your phone number starting with the area code please?�


�We just use the phone number to distinguish you from the thousands of other Arthurs who call us.�

�I�m not sure I want to give you my number.�

�Well, Arthur, if I don�t get your information, I can�t send you through to tech. I can assure you we do not give your number to anyone, nor will we call you for any reason after your issue is resolved.�


�What is your concern about giving me the number?�


�I don�t understand. If you give me your name, wouldn�t I be able to just look up the number in the phone book?�

�Not if I don�t give you my name.�

�Well if you refuse to give me any information, I can�t help you. However, I have call display, so I already know your name.�

--Click-- (we don�t, but I thought I would say so just to freak him out and it worked)

No worries, he will have to call back. He has to activate that software within 30 days or it will stop working and then he will have to give his info, Maybe he is in the witness protection program. That�s a scary thought, some prosecutor is pinning his hopes on this crayon.

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