Sunday, June 15, 2003

No need to fear the reaper.

You all will be relieved to know that I do not have to kill myself.

Ok, I will explain. Thursday night I asked my son to tape the Amazing Race for me. I left for work, secure in the knowledge that my 12 year old was, like any other pre-teen, completely competent when it comes to electronics. I returned home and retrieved the tape from the machine, and since I couldn�t watch it till the morning I went to bed.

I wake up about noonish and insert the tape in the vcr. That�s when my blood ran cold. It was completely blank. I had two options, quit my job or kill myself. Luckily I decided to sleep on it, and promptly forgot about it. That was until tonight. I was surfing through the channels on the old satellite dish and stumbled upon Outdoor Life Network. The planets must have been aligned just right, because I usually have that channel blocked out (usually sports of some kind�.YUCK!) but tonight I hit the wrong button and there it was the Amazing Race. What luck on my night off!

So, I guess I can live to blog another day.

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