Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Car insurance? Not really.

It used to be that you got car insurance for just that, insurance. Insurance against theft or damage.

But today it is a whole other kettle of fish. Nowadays you get insurance because it�s the law and if you want to be �legal� you have to pay. And pay you do, every year you pay more and more. No one ever (if they are smart) makes a claim on their insurance. Sure, the insurance company will pay but eventually you end up paying through the nose with skyrocketed premiums. It is cheaper to pay for the damage to your car than put in a claim. And they say insurance companies aren�t corrupt. (who the fuck are �they� anyway)

Home owners insurance isn�t any better, make more than one claim on your policy and they can (and do) cut you off. Oh, and good luck finding another insurance carrier, once you are dropped by one you are pretty much blackballed.

Finally the politicians are starting to make some waves. The Premiers are meeting this month to discuss putting a cap on insurance premiums. The New Brunswick premier went so far as to say that if they couldn't get the insurance companies to agree to be regulated that they ought to think about starting their own province run insurance plan.

It makes sense, if you are going to have a law that says we have to have car insurance then the government should, at the very least, be regulating the industry.

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