Tuesday, June 10, 2003

There�s one born every minute.

Everyone can relate to the irate customer who, upon hearing he has to pay $35 for tech support, loses his mind. However, there is a flip side to this phenomenon. The Undisclosed Customer Service Center� proudly presents...

"What People Will PAY $35 For"

How to create a shortcut on the desktop

Renaming a folder

Unlocking their toolbar

Changing fonts on their desktop (I had one guy who, somehow, enlarged fonts by 200% and couldn�t get it changed back)

How to use screensavers

Attaching a file to email

How to get into windows from a black screen (c:\windows\)

Changing wallpaper

Saving a .doc file as a .txt file

Clearing the history in their browser

Changing screen resolution

Installing software�..any software. (they won�t even try)

Saving pictures off the internet (Ah, right click and save as. They still want to talk to tech, �it can�t be that easy�. Oh but it is.)

Finding a file on their own computer (a woman had a picture of her son, somewhere on the hd and needed help finding it)

Someone was getting the error during boot up �non system disk error�. I could NOT get him to eject the disk from the A drive. He wanted to speak to a �trained� professional.

One guy had retail software (free support) but he didn�t want the free support. He wanted to talk to a �real� tech. I guess he figured that the free support consisted of some guy with a blindfold and a dart board.

With all these people, I tried (and failed) to get them to go to our no charge self help page. They would have none of it. Some people really do have more money than brains.

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