Saturday, February 13, 2010

On its way.

My Joye 510 electronic cigarette should be here in 6-10 days.

The previous one I purchased was out of stock...took them a while to figure that one out and refund me but I am glad it worked out.

Since I ordered the Gamucci, I have heard nothing but crap about them. So I am a little relieved I won't be getting that one. The lady that I dealt with was very apologetic and even said she sent me a free disposable one for my trouble. I will let you know how that one was but like I said, I am happy that I am now getting the Joye 510.

All the YouTube reviews for this electronic cigarette has been positive and the sight that sells them, Health Cabin, is also highly recomended by the reviewers and users of these e-cigs.

They have excellent prices, I was able to get two of the Joye 510 for the price of just one of the Gamucci's. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

This will work out better for you. The 510 rocks. And refilling your cartridges yourself will be way cheaper

Anonymous said...

The 510 and Joye eGO are the best

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