Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My e-cig arrived today! The Joye 510.

I am already chomping at the bit to get accessories for this thing.

Right out of the chute, this thing was awesome. Not only does it look like a cigarette, but you get the hit in the back of your throat like a real cigarette and you can even blow smoke rings with this thing. You would swear you were really smoking.

When I took the first drag on this thing I was anticipating ... I don't know what I was anticipating but I took a really long drag....it's kind of deceptive because there is no heat in your mouth like you would get with a real cigarette that tells you to stop drawing on it.

Well, like I said, I took a long draw........and nearly choked to death. LOL After the choking fit I was a little light headed. Seriously. If I had taken that long of a draw on a real cigarette I would have choked too.

With that lesson learned early, I took a normal draw on it and it wass awesome. I don't see myself ever smoking a real cigarette again. It has been three hours now and I am not in any kind of withdrawal. I am getting the nicotine my body craves without all the other crap. Unlike those nicotine inhalers this gives me all the other crap that I like about cigarettes...the actual smoking part. (Does that make sense?)It tastes like tobacco, hits the back of your throat like tobacco and you can even blow smoke rings if you like. All without any actual smoke.

I think the reason that patches, gum and pills didn't work for me is because I don't actually want to quit smoking. What I want is to smoke and not die.

Hey....I am now formaldehyde and arsenic free! (among 3000 other chemicals)


Amanda F said...

ok these things sound cool
but are they really "good for you" ?

Evel said...

Not good for you, they still deliver nicotine. But definitely better than tobacco smoking since you are getting only nicotine.