Friday, October 26, 2007

First Day.

A photo journal of the bunnies and me, our first day on the job.

Had to wake up at the crack of nine. Not bad since training forced me up at 5am. In case you are wondering, yes I showered and yes I did shave my legs. Although these pictures do not make it look as if I did. But you older folk out there will recognize poor circulation when you see it.

This is us, working hard.

And here we are, taking a coffee break. This required us to swivel in our chair about 14 degrees. It was an exhausting trip through mid-morning traffic.

Most of the day, however, the bunnies stayed under the desk. They like it there, they play pinochle and chat quietly. And of course keep my tootsies warm.

Then a bit of lunch.

I will let you know how I manage this hectic schedule.

And another thing...

Just an update. Got my pension papers in on Wednesday (built up pension contributions from Undisclosed Customer Service Center™) and they deposited the money in my account this morning. They had told me 3-5 days and it was exactly 3 which blew me away.

I went out tonight to get an obnoxiously comfy chair for my office. I wasn't able to find the chair I could really be happy in, so I ended up getting this one.


Anonymous said...

Lovin the slippers... You have taught me so much through the blog that I have decided to go to where you began... Training starts Monday... Here goes nothing! I figured if you could do it damnit so can I... LOL

The Creeper said...

I am sooooo jealous. I would kill to work from home. In bunny slippers. With my dog at my side.

Anonymous said...

LOL awesome!

Camille said...

ok that's it! i gotta get me a coupla those. course, they'll be useless in the tropical weather ... but since i am looking to relocate into Kentucky some time in the next year or so ... well they just might come in handy then.