Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ponder this.

You can only find one clean sock in the entire house.

Do you:

A: Utilize the one clean sock and supplement it with the cleanest of the dirty to make up a somewhat decent pair?


B: Go with your cleanest pair of dirty socks and save the clean one on the off chance you find its mate? (assuming the mate is clean as well)

Talk amongst yourselves.


Anonymous said...

I make a clean/semi-clean pair. But I'm always aware all day which foot is getting short shrift.

Anonymous said...

i skip the socks and wear sandals...there's no snow yet, who needs socks? :D

Anonymous said...

c) Toss the sock.. if the other one shows up .. toss it too!

d) do a WASH

e) go shopping

I would combo the c and d .. washing is not my job!

Camille said...

umm.... set it aside on the off-chance it's mate shows up next wash day .... toss it if the mate has eloped with an unknown entity to an unknown destination. that leaves the semi-dirty pair ... course, plenty of baking soda and a couple of febreeze squirts later.

Virginia Belle said...

hmmm. did you look in the lint catcher in the dryer? i have a theory that dryers run on chewed up socks, not electricity as everyone would have you believe.

maybe your missing sock was a sacrifice to the lint gods.