Sunday, November 6, 2005

Kids today are vegetables.

Just take a look at what is popular today. It makes ya want to lock up your kids, and force feed them some classic rock, sans video. Video killed not just the radio star, it also slaughtered the idea that you had to have actual talent.

Point in fact. Take a look at this crayon.

File this under WTF? This is Buckethead. Apparently a famous band? Person? Group? Who the hell knows. And yes, that is a bucket on his head. Not exactly a Rhodes scholar. His mother must be so proud. She is probably the one who insisted on the disguise.

These guys are so embarrassed by their dubious career that they won't even show their own faces, and probably never will.

And Marilyn Manson? Please, is this guy/chick/thing on crack? I swear kids today are just lemmings. They eat this shit up, and they don't even expect people to be able to carry a tune or play a decent lick. All they need is some weirdo to put a drum beat behind some spastic screaming.

Unfortunately, I could go on and on. Kids today are just mindless vegetables that are willingly fed this shit intravenously. It makes me want to drive a sharp object into my eye socket.

What about you?


Anonymous said...

slipknot has actually been around for a long time and they're not too bad, some songs's called death metal or screamo i believe,granny... lmao

Evel said...

I see, no one wants to stick up for buckethead?

Anonymous said...

well. i must say I'm glad my girls are not into this type of music nor concerts.. but then I always liked Alice Cooper NOT all his stuff.. but some of it.. However, These guys make Alice look tame!

Jack said...

Yeah, my son's into this kind of shit, but now that he's working for the tickets and living on his own ... hey, it's his own life.

Nicole said...

*lol* Actually the lead singer of that group has gone solo, sans mask.