Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Heads will roll, ya sure, we'll see.

One of the bigwigs from the Undisclosed Computer Software Company� showed up last night and had a skip level meeting with some of the employees. He was not expecting what he got.

The employees let him have it, they bitched about all the bullshit that has gone on in the last year. They started out by telling him that a good percentage of people working there are looking for another job and would leave in a heartbeat. People just don't like working there anymore. The bitched about the seating, how everyone had to roam around looking for a place to sit, how they had to send people home so the night shift could sit. They bitched about the performance appraisals, how they were contradictory, how hard it was to meet the metric of the job and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. How you never know week to week what shift you are going to be on. The list went on.

Half way through the meeting he took his Undisclosed Computer Software Company� hat off. One employee made sure he was writing it all down, and at the end of the meeting, asked him to read it back. He said he was sick of having meetings and nothing getting resolved. Needless to say the meeting went long.

Then he said something that shocked everyone. "Why haven't we heard from you before, if this has been going on for so long?" Everyone looked at each other, puzzled. "Wait a minute, are you guys aware of the website to contact the Undisclosed Computer Software Company� directly with your concerns?" Again, puzzled looks.

He was furious. "This stops today! A lot of this stuff I have to work through the proper channels to get resolved but the seating issue will be resolved today and every employee will be made aware of the website to contact us directly."

Not sure if any pro agents were in that meeting, perhaps we will get our chance tonight. Not like there is a chance in hell anyone will let me within 100 feet of that meeting, but a girl can dream can't she?

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