Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Fucked up the ass, and still no dinner.

Well I guess I needed more than luck. I needed my head examined for ever getting into this mess.

The psycho DID bitch sent her daughter to the hearing, since she knew she couldn't look me in the face and lie. The daughter says, "My stepfather starts chemo tomorrow and I didn't want them to be tired for that."

Turns out this woman has been in the rental property business for over 30 years. With me, she acted like this was the first time she was ever attempting anything like this. She totally snowed me. She knew exactly what to do. She asked me to leave on 5 days notice, and she said that we should have something in writing, she sent Art over to get me to sign a paper that said I agreed to vacate the premises. I signed it, because I did agree. But she never signed it.

So, because of that little piece of paper that I didn't even write, I was walking funny by the time I left there.

The director kept saying, why did you sign that paper?

Next time I think something is too good to be true, I will listen to myself and not others who tell me to go for it. What did I have to lose?

Well turns out because I left without giving a months notice that I could be liable for January and February rent as well as heat and lights for the property. But psycho bitches daughter says she will advise her mother to just let the whole thing go. Isn't she a peach? All I had to do was agree to drop my claim for the return of the damage deposit. She however did not have to agree to anything. Don't you just love the system working? Everyone gets fucked once and then they learn. So if this woman was in the business for over 30 years, you know she has seen a lot of pump action. So, I agree. I told the director, "I just want to be shut of those people."

I wanted to climb over the table and rip off her arm and beat her to death with it. I felt like saying, "Your mother's probably poisoning her husband, cancer my ass!"

Well I think I will just chauk this one up to experience, do my time with the huge L on my forehead for a while and move on and keep my back to the wall from now on.

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