Sunday, March 27, 2005

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

My sister is a shop-a-holic. I am trying to get her in a 12 step program but she hasn't yet admitted that she has a problem.

She has been her about 3 weeks and has never, and I mean never, stepped through the door without a shopping bag in hand. And sometimes she walks through the door more than once a day. Dishes, dishes and more dishes cuz you never know when you may want to have 70 or 80 of your closest friends over for drinks.

I try and clamly (so as not to agitate her) explain to her that this is an apartment not a house. That at some point she will be forced to quit cold turkey when we run out of physical space for her purchases. She has already crammed as much as is humanly possible into her room and I know she is eyeing the living room.

Granted, she does buy some really nice things, and of course we have to throw out the old crappy things, my things, that they are replacing. Problem is, what happens when she moves out? I will end up with no furniture in the house.

Another problem is that weather is turning warmer and she can soon start buying for the outside of the apartment. The gleam in her eye when she looks at the deck is frightening. And what is worse, come summer, the deck will be larger, since the landlord plans to rebuild it. I may have to physically restrain her. You know, for her own good.

I see a multitude of potted plants in my future. Pray for me.

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