Sunday, March 13, 2005 near snow blind.

And so it begins. The sister has moved in, and I come home the other night and she has moved things around. Ok, not a biggie. But she is starting to move everything. I told her to let me know before she moves me out of my room. I'll just wait till she goes to sleep and move everything back, sooner or later she will get tired of it.

I am a little different than her, I have things in certain places, not for aesthetic reasons but for pure functionality. For instance, she moved the baskets from the hall table and stacked them against the door, now I knock them over every time I come out of my room. They will soon find another home.

I also told her that the bathroom door needs to be kept shut. Not that I like it shut, or it looks better shut, or even that I want it shut. I told her it needs to be shut. Well this morning she found out why. The cat got in there and shredded the shower curtain. Let's say it together, shall we? "The door needs to be kept shut."

After she replaces a few dozen shower curtains, she might get it.

She also has some sort of eerie fascination with white, she replaced my navy blue shower curtain with a white one, blah, and my black coffee maker with a white one. Ditto for the wall clock and the clothes hamper. I swear, one more white piece of anything and I am going to throw up.

We might need to have a meeting. Or I could just get a can of red spray paint and paint while she sleeps.

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