Monday, October 20, 2003

Men think of the stupidest things to do.

Who else thinks David Blaine is just a whakko with a gimmic?
David Blaine - Above The Below

UPDATE:This guy is a street magician, and I have to say that when he is doing that he is very impressive. I am not sure what these stunts have to do with his talent as a magician. The last one he did was a box made of ice....or was it burried alive? not sure. But as a magician he is one of those guys that freak you out how good he is. One that comes to mind is he takes a string or thread from a persons clothing....swallows it and has it actually come out of this stomache.....I mean he lifts up his own shirt and pulls the string from his skin. FREAKS THE PERSON RIGHT OUT! OH OH and he pulls the head off a live chicken? Right there on the street, no prep, no studio no stage. Freaky! If you ever see on your tv guide, "David Blaine - Street Magic" watch it, it is unbelievalbe. He should stick to the magic.

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