Thursday, October 30, 2003

The call that broke the camel�s...well, you know.

Was doing a shift of overtime tonight. I love doing overtime. You can come in whenever you feel like it, take breaks whenever you want and the calls don�t get to you so much because you know that at any point you can just sign out and go home.

Thank you for calling Undisclosed Customer Service Center� my name is blah blah blah�

�Ya, how do I find Windows on my computer?� Huh?

�I�m not sure what you mean, mamme?�

�Windows�...where is it?�

�Is your computer on?�


�Then your looking at it.�

�Where? I just bought this new computer and I was told that windows came on it, how do I find it? I know it must be in here somewhere, but I don�t know where to look. I paid good money to have windows put on my machine, I think I have been ripped off.�

This is a joke. Is this a joke? This has to be a joke, right?

�Um, oh kay, can you click on your start button?�

�Yes, ok, now what?�

�Well mamme, the simple fact that you can click on your start button tells me that you are looking at windows. Windows is your operating system. It is everything you see. It runs everything else on your computer. I don�t know how else to explain it. The screen, the buttons, the menus...all of it. Its all windows.�

You can almost feel the blood rush to this idiots face. She was all full of righteous indignation because she �paid good money� and now she is realizing that she has just proved to at least one other person on this planet that she is a complete and utter moron.

That call broke me, I signed out and went home. I just knew it could only go down hill from there.

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