Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gets me every time.

When I was pregnant with the boy, some 18 years ago. I was watching Christmas specials and ran across this on on satellite.

The story in a nut shell. Kid owns a donkey he calls Small One. The donkey is getting old and not really pulling his weight. The boys father says he has to sell him.

Even though you totally see where this is going, considering it is a Christmas movie (Gee, do you think Joseph might buy him in the end), even knowing all that...this song made me bawl, like a baby.

And still does, every single time I hear it.


Anonymous said...

OMG you are trying to kill me... I haven't see this one in years and I remember bawling my eyes out many times over this too.

ME! said...

I think I might have seen this one... My fav growing up was the Jack Frost movie

The song "It's just what I always wanted" is the best. Basically the poor characters in the movie pass around an empty box and pretend that they are giving a new gift each time... It's completely depressing, but still a great movie. Not really a "Christmas" movie, per se, but great nonetheless.