Monday, December 29, 2008

Canadian, eh?

I had to post this. I found it over at Rad's place and laughed through the whole thing. Okay, maybe act two is a bit dry, but the rest is worth listening to.

One woman was completely traumatized to learn that William Shatner was Canadian. Another is up in arms, saying that there should be a law against Peter Jennings, a Canadian, hosting a network news program.

You just have to listen to it, it is hilarious.

Americans are so self absorbed, they think anything good must be American.

All you Yanks can check out this website to crush your sense of superiority.

Americans think that you should be able to spot a Canadian a mile away. It's just geography guys.


Bryna said...

Hey! I'm American and I disagree with those baffoons! Most of the good actors, actresses, singers are Canadians. I'm just sayin'.

Radmila said...

LOL, I loved David Rakoff's little bit about how he just knows who's Canadian...and how he works it into conversation.

He really made me laugh.
Especially with who's a Canadian Jew..LOL