Saturday, November 22, 2008

How the tree-huggers are ruining it for the rest of us.

Tree-hugger is a general term I use for any politically correct, save the planet, yuppy/hippy types.. People who were middle of the road and after 4 out of 5 dentists agreed, they swung to the extreme right or left. There is no happy medium with them, they have no temperature control and they are basically Lemmings. I blame Oprah.

For instance:
- bullying in school - now there is a no tolerance policy, meaning your child can't even look at another sideways and he is expelled (meanwhile the bully still beats him up on the way home, bullies keep a low profile around the authorities)

- someone saw a hole in the ozone (It was not I) - now we have to recycle everything which has no impact really on the environment when you consider the extra plants they built to manufacture made-from-recycled goods and the extra 4 trucks they have on the road now to haul that shit around.

- some kid got sick and spread it to some other kid - parents started taking their kids to the doctor for any sniffle, loaded them up with antibiotics at every turn. Now kids immune systems can't handle being next to a peanut butter sandwich. Think about it, twenty years ago kids were not dying from looking at a peanut.

- a child was beaten to death by his parents - Now you can't even yell at them when they run into the street, lest you scar them for life. End result? Twelve year old murderers. No real consequence for bad behavior.

I know the points are simplistic, but every bad thing that has happened in the past 20 years can be traced back to the tree-huggers and their leader, Oprah.


kelly said...

ya it's nuts! my friend's mom thinks too many ultrasounds have something to do with it all somehow LOL

Radmila said...

The nut allergy thing drives me insane.
One child in a school has an anaphalactic allergy, and no nuts allowed. Some schools don't have any kids with nut allergies and still don't allow them because it's a board wide policy....meanwhile, peanut butter is one of the most nutritious foods a poor kid's family can afford...and there are waaaay more poor kids than there are kids with nut allergies.

Also, it's really important for kids to learn to manage their allergies on their own rather than expecting greater society to always look out for them.

One thing you missed was the hippie "no vaccinations" policy. I've had parents tell me that their children haven't had any vaccinations and they're "fine".
Yeah,'s because almost everyone else has had them...if everyone subscribed to their belief, we'd be back to polio and deadly strains of measles.

This group also wants to blame vaccinations for autism.

Bryna said...

Agree with most of your points here... The nut allergy thing may be caused by the crazy "anti-bac hand sanitizer" and all the shots we give our kids.

You know what, maybe it's good for your kid to get the flu. Ever think of that? Maybe next flu season, they will be fine because the actually built up an barrier to it!!!*

* i do realize that some kids should get it because they already are astmatic. (sp?)