Friday, November 28, 2008

Why do dogs wag their tails no matter how many times you kick them?

The Boy got himself a job. He thought he would save up for something he really wants, an iPod Touch. Problem is, he told his father.

Since he has started this job, his father has given him nothing. It's not like he gave him much before that besides room and board, but now, nothing.

The point of getting a job as a teenager is so they can earn 'extra' money. Well, The Boy has no extra money. He had to purchase his own school clothes this year so anything that was saved went to that. He works at Wendy's. He might bring home $150 a week if he is lucky. You take your girlfriend out to a movie and pay for gas, that is pretty much gone. Add to that the fact that you are driving your father's big-ass gas-guzzler truck, you can forget about that second candy bar.

Honestly, I don't understand why he is still living there. I can't see what the draw is. He still needs to borrow my car if he wants to go anywhere besides to and from work. (mainly because he can't afford the gas in his fathers truck) I am still giving him money for school supplies and lunch.

It wouldn't be so bad, if he didn't have to constantly see his father throwing money at his 'other' son. That son goes to hockey school while mine has to buy his own stick and borrow a helmet.

And every time he does it, The Boy looks like a dog that has been kicked.


Bryna said...

OMG that is so sad! What a bum!

tomorrow said...

You raised that Bot right. TBF needs a good public flogging.

tomorrow said...

OK ... your son's not a Bot ... he's a Boy. (I can't type.)

Radmila said...

This is something your boy has to come to terms with himself.
It's painful to watch, but he's got to come to some sort of realization/compartmentalization of his relationship with his father.

It's something only he can do for himself, as painful as it is to watch...he may be working it out in his own head.

You know, I had to be kicked quite a few times by my father before I accepted that he wasn't and would never be what I had hoped he would be...and then I cut him off.
Not that he gives a shit, but I had to give it my all before I could give it up...does that make any sense?

Evel said...

yes it does, but sometimes I just wish I could have him beaten up ;-)

Radmila said...

Yeah...well, you'll just have to wait until a state of lawlessness erupts after the collapse of western civilization.
Maybe not too much longer.

kelly said...

the boy will figure it out on his own eventually and then karma will get TBF, the dirtbag