Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got my first email comment on the column in Mr Barters, and it was a complaint.

When (lets call her) Madam Publisher called I think she was a little worried that I would be upset. Are you kidding me? I think its awesome. Someone actually took the time to email in a 'To whom it may concern'. I was stoked!

The reader wanted MP (and me I guess) to know how completely offended she was by the term 'like a fat kid on cake'. I kid you not. All I could think of was that if that offended her, she must have to shut down every sensory orifice she has in order to function in the 21st century. Forget TV and radio, she would have to cease to communicate in any meaningful way with anyone outside her small circle. You know, the people who are aware that 'fat kid' sends her off the deep end. If she only knew how much I 'clean it up' for print.

However, I applaud her right to say so, and welcome all comments good or bad. She went on to say that she was disappointed in my spelling and grammar skills and called the whole thing inane.

inane - silly and pointless

Sounds about right, it is an 'opinion' piece after all. I never pretended to be a Rhodes scholar but I guess I will have to add a disclaimer.

After reading it a second time (actually while framing it) I come to the realization that she most likely meant to say 'asinine'.

No worries, I get those mixed up too.


kelly said...

disclaimer sample:
"i ain't got me no fancy degree, an' i reckin if'n yer readin' the barter you ain't got one a neither. so if y'all don't like my writin, take this here as yer apology right up front."
i bet the complainer is fat but can't accept it. like us fat people who know it and embrace it. hahahaha

Amanda Fraser said...

Haha kelly!!!

thats awesome!

Yvette said...

Way to go on the feedback!! It's unfortunate that the reader took that to heart. Oh well, you can't please them all and it's not like she has to read it. I buy the paper and don't read half the stuff in it. You just keep up the great job! You have your group of loyal followers and I'm sure you've gained more, let's hear from them.