Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Road Retarded.

Why can't men grasp the concept of the four-way stop?

We had a power outage and people lost their minds. I mean, really. Ok, so 5 minutes ago there were traffic lights and now they are dark. Whatever will you do?

Duh. You treat it like a four-way stop. Simple, right?

You would think, but no. You always get that one idiot that has to play traffic cop. Things are going smoothly, people taking turns, one after another clockwise. Til you get to this idiot who decides he is going to 'let you go' ahead of him. He is sitting there waving me on.

If I go, then he will go after me, which will effectively make everyone think that we are switching the whole direction of the four-way stop. I sit there hoping he will get the message and just take his turn, but no. He flashes his lights for me to go.

That is when I lose it, I start screaming at him, "Holy Fuck! Just fucking go! It's your turn and you will just fuck the rest of these idiots up."

He gives me the finger like he is hurting my feelings. I don't give a shit if he moons me, as long as he moves his ass along.

And here I was, thinking I was going to drive around wasting time til the power came back on. After that, I had to get off the road before I hurt someone.


kelly said...

when did the power go out? lol before dad had the stroke, he told me about some old lady @ a 4 way stop, same deal with the broken lights. and she was doing the same thing, but she was frigging everything up because people would go, but then she wouldn't. anyways, she ended up rear-ending someone too LOL bottom line, people are stupid and can't drive. :D

Anonymous said...

for you all who are still puzzled:

The first vehicle to arrive at the intersection and come to a complete stop goes first. If two vehicles arrive at the same time, the one on the right (the one with the “right-of-way�?) goes first. If two vehicles arrive at the same time and are facing each other, the left turning vehicle must yield to the vehicle going straight through the intersection.

Bryna said...

At the mall by my house there is a three way stop for oncoming traffic. I HATED having to exit that way becuase all the fucktards that would have the right of way would STOP! Messing everything up big time. MORONS!

Amanda F said...

Oh man! welcome to my hell! PEI drver's are of the old school - be considerate mind set! everytime you get on the road your life is in danger!
your drivng along the country at 80/90 kmh(or 100 if you like to speed!) when you see the car in front of you stop; you slam on the brakes, come to a screeching halt, what did they stop for? oh yes, of course, they stoped to let the car pulling out of the side road turn out onto our road! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!!!!!
In ch'town they have actually made a third turning lane up on there own! they just squeeze in waether you like it or not! and god forbid you not stop on the yellow line so they can sqeeze past you-they will actually honk and yell at you!
i love this question from islanders " whats the blinking green mean?" oh and " are you allowed to turn here?" ( as they are half way out in the intersection) ewww eww and " how do you merge" always makes you wonder how safe you are!
oh my you got me started and i think i could go all night!

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