Friday, October 24, 2008

Kill them with kindness culture.

For the past week or so, the people downstairs have been taking to playing their music extremely loud, very early in the morning. I am talking before eight in the morning. One morning I took a hammer to the floor. Hint not taken.

Now I can pretty much sleep through anything, we live beside a school so I am used to the buses and large trucks. But the one thing I can't sleep through is the loud base line of a pop song. Since it is the only thing you can hear.


So this morning, I put my speakers and sub woofer next to the heating vent and turned the speakers up as loud as they would go and set this on a loop.

Along with a few other Italian tenors.

Fuck yeah! I might just leave the house and forget to turn it off.


kelly said...

i hate neighbours! i hate waking up to them screaming at their lazy kids to get up for school, especially when i don't have to get up for 20 minutes. Rotten lazy kids, making me get up earlier!

i like this music

yvette said...

Loving that high note at the end... LOL